On The Road (Part 1); Aladdin Scene – Kristiansand

Hello guys, and welcome to the first blog-post on our website! 🙂

We’ll try to split our blog related content into different “series”, so this one will be appropriately named “On The Road” and will feature stories, pictures & videos from our touring experiences.

This first one is from our journey towards Kristiansand where we held a small show together with three other bands (KIÆR, RadioJörn & Oakland Rain) at Aladdin Scene, hosted respectively by SØRF & Trashpop.


Out & about

My day started pretty early around 8 A.M because of all the preparations you have to make when you’re going to play a gig: Is my guitar in shape? Do we have enough sheets for our mailing list? Business cards? Stickers!?  And the list goes on.

Luckily, we have Thomas in the band. He is pretty badass about organising our plans and making sure that we’re on schedule – He actually made a list this time about when our tour bus (Yes, we’ve named Linje 100 from Arendal – Kristiansand our tour bus) was going to hit our different stations, haha!


Waiting for our ride to pick us up in Grimstad

Waiting for our ride to pick us up in Grimstad.

On the bus, we discussed a competition that we’re going to announce in a very short while on our Facebook page which is going to include a pretty gnarly prize for one lucky winner!

More on that later! 😉

Enjoying the beautiful scenery that was present during our ride to Kristiansand

Enjoying the beautiful scenery that was present during our ride to Kristiansand.


Arrival in Kristiansand

Upon arrival in K-town, we didn’t quite know where the venue was. We had quite a lot of gear to carry around, so I grabbed my amp and prepared myself for a sweaty exercise and total destruction of the arms & shoulders (my amp is around 15kgs, which isn’t that much when you’re carrying it for small distances at the time – but not comfy when you’re mentally prepared for a long walk). So after some bitching and switching of arms, I look up and see this lovely sign;

bygget bør beholdes som det er.  

Aladdin Scene, Kristiansand.


..Suddenly out of the blue, we had arrived. I was stoked, to say the least.


We got into the venue, met up with Nicholas Van Eck (he’s in the band I am K, formerly known as Kelvin) – Great guy! He introduced us to a very enthusiastic sound-engineer, and we started rigging up our stuff so we could do a little soundcheck 🙂

Boys getting ready for soundcheck.

Boys getting ready for soundcheck.


We didn’t have time for much during soundcheck because of a tight schedule, and the other bands needed to soundcheck as well. But we didn’t need to, we were quite pleased with the results!
After we packed our stuff, Nicholas took us upstairs to show us the backstage area where they had put out cold beers, snacks, fruits & other treats to make us feel comfortable.


Hungry boys enjoying free food.

Hungry boys enjoying free food.



We got a little spontaneous and decided to stream an intense game of chess between Joachim & Enyeto live to our Facebook-followers. If you’d like to see who won, and also a little glimpse of the backstage area, you can head over to our Facebook and watch the video there!

Shameless promo at the grocery store.

Shameless promo at the grocery store.


After some more eating and a quick walk around Kristiansand beautifully covered in christmas lights, it was time to start the show.

First out was a band called KIÆR, which I enjoyed so much that I actually had a difficult time not bursting out in dance. Great synth-inspired pop with awesome vocals and a strong positive vibe through the whole set – I’m a fan! 🙂

Kiær onstage.

Kiær onstage.

After a short changeover it was time for a band called RadioJörn – They delivered in your face stoner rock with drop-tuned guitars and a badass attitude.

Finally it was time for us to do our thing – So we tuned our guitars and knocked each other’s fists and decided to deliver a kick ass show. And according to the crowd we did! 🙂

Rocking out at Aladdin Scene.

Rocking out at Aladdin Scene.


After we had ended our set and received some constructive feedback from Nils Jørgen Nilsen (Honningbarna), Marie Moe (Razika) & Christopher Wareing (ACT Entertainment), it was time for my personal favourite of the evening; Oakland Rain!

Oakland Rain

Oakland Rain.

I’ve seen these two before at Skral Festival last year, if I remember correctly. But then they had a full band backing them, so I was pretty excited that they were going to do this show entirely acoustic. I loved every second of it, beautiful harmonies and the cutest stage presence known to man – You can’t help but feel happy every time they finish off a song, because you can see that it means something to them. That’s beautiful.


We had a great time after the concert, drinking beer with KIÆR, Christopher, Marie & Nils Jørgen at Kick. Discussing feature plans, strategies and sharing funny stories 🙂

During the ride home, we discussed our next gig which is next weekend (10/12) at Sprø Musikkfest, Munkehaugen Scene – Come play with us!

Riding home.

Riding home.


That concludes our first tour-diary – We hope you enjoyed reading it, please let us know if there is anything you want to see more of, or if you have any ideas about what other subjects you would like us to blog about! 🙂

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Till next time!

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