On The Road (Part 7) ; Uhørt, Oslo (Arendal Metal City Showcase)

Hola guys and girls!

It’s been a while since our last blog-post, so I figured that I should probably write a little about our trip to Oslo, and my experience at by;Larm and so forth.

We’re REALLY busy these days in terms of preparing Kaela Upsweep for it’s release date on the 20th of May, and we also have something very exciting to announce very soon. Hints; Masks, Ryan & Josh from Leafy, Kristiansand ++

If you haven’t read our press-release regarding Kaela Upsweep, you can do so HERE

All right, so we finally got our asses out of southern Norway to do a gig at Uhørt in Oslo together with our friends in Vanvidd, Vorbid & Rise Above. It was arranged by the lovely people at Munkehaugen Kultursenter / Rytmisk Fabrikk. A huge thanks and LOADS of digital hugs (and a few real hugs too during by;Larm) goes out to especially Ole Johan Lillegaard & Geir Emanuelsen for making this happen!

These are the bands who participated!

After 4 hours of travelling in our expensive tour bus (Linje NX190), we finally arrived in Oslo and decided to take a couple of photos outside the hotel before we checked in, Joachim & Maria slept at another hotel because they hate us and wanted some privacy 😉 But here’s the photos;

Cool & the gang outside the hotel.

Me and Jasmin!

We decided to chill at the hotel for a brief 40 minutes before heading over to Uhørt together with the rest of the bands.

Once we arrived at Uhørt we were greeted by our friends and grabbed a beer while watching the other bands during their soundcheck.

Enyeto enjoying some cold refreshments!

Thanks to the everlasting greatness of sound-engineer Eivind Sten Johnsen, the sound was perfect for the night to come. We didn’t really expect anything less, Eivind is REALLY good at what he’s doing! 🙂

A few hours passed, and it was our turn to hit the stage.

Of course we delivered a badass gig, and the response was far too generous!

We really loved playing at Uhørt, and who knows? Maybe we’ll be back VERY soon! 😉

As for the rest of the week at by;Larm I got to meet a great deal of interesting people who are essential for the music industry here in Norway. A huge thanks again to Ole Johan & Geir for letting me tag along and introducing me to important people!

I felt like a businessman amongst businessmen, and I also had a great load of fun. I will definitely go to by;Larm next year too, it’s SO essential in terms of getting to know people in the industry.

If I’d have to go into detail about everything I did at by;Larm, it would have taken forever to write this post. And as mentioned before, I have a HUGE amount of work ahead of me to ensure that the release of Kaela Upsweep goes as smoothly as it can go. I really hope you guys will help us spreading this release EVERYWHERE once it gets out, because we’re so eager to perform these songs to crowds all over!

Thanks for reading, I’ll leave you with some pictures from Oslo! 😉

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Peace out! :*

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Boy did I feel professional.

Me & Ole Johan got invited to Warner Music for imported beer & tacos!
GREAT fun.

Getting ready for my last day at by;Larm.

Tiebreaker live @ Vulkan Arena. GREAT BAND!!

Me & Thomas having a bro-moment.