On The Road (Part3); Club Skyline – Grimstad

Ahoy folks!

It’s time for another blog-post from our touring adventures, this time from our recent gig at Club Skyline in Grimstad!

Christmas is coming up, and don’t we all find ourselves in a subconscious wave of stuff we need to get done in order to fully relax when the time arrives? I’m sure you do.

Luckily for us, Club Skyline is within 100 metres of our home, which made it a lot easier for us this time regarding get-in, soundcheck and everything.

Me & Enyeto started the day pretty easy with just chilling in our living room, waiting for Tommy (owner of the venue) to unlock the doors in order to put our equipment onstage. We started early by putting our stuff onstage. We had a lot of time to kill before the doors would open, so we decided to get creative with the props onstage 🙂 We made it look a little more festive, because after all, it’s Christmas 😉

After a little while, Joachim arrived at the venue and started setting up his drum-kit, and not long after that, Thomas entered the building as well.


We even did a little video regarding our contest on our Facebook-page, where you can win a little goodie-bag containing a power bank + exclusive Underwing merchandise. Rumour has it that Santa is still stuck on that chair at Club Skyline, and he won’t be released until we’ve reached enough contestants on our Facebook 😮 So head on over and do your thing!


We boosted through some of our songs, testing the sound and man was it loud. Good thing we’re responsible adults and brought ear-plugs for the safety of us and our crowd! 😉

Anyways, as I stated in the previous blog-post it is hard to find content to write about because besides from the gig, this day wasn’t that eventful. I said we are a lot in Arendal, but we LIVE in Grimstad so we just took our time to relax before the gig and hung out with good friends at our place 🙂

Jasmin made porridge and had decorated headquarters beautifully, so we just sat there and ate, drank a few beers and listened to Christmas-music. It was pretty relaxing <3

!Christmas-vibes en la Casa!

Joachim doing what he does best!

After the gig, we brought a couple of our friends back home with us and continued the party there.

Ain’t no Christmas without ugly sweaters!

This was our last gig before Christmas, but we’re not done with 2016 just yet 😉 We’re playing Arendal Rock Klubb’s annual Julejam on the 26th, and I hear it’s gonna be amazing, you should definitely find the time to squeeze some Underwing (and other great bands) between all your dinners and family get-togethers 😉
Here is the event-link for Julejam 🙂


Other than that, we would like to wish you all a VERY merry Christmas <3 Thanks for sticking around and showing your endless support towards our band, we love each & every one of you!

Till next time!

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